Veteran Spotlight on

posted on Friday, July 1, 2022

Mickey Fuller ”It was a great honor to serve my country,” said Mickey Fuller, a veteran who served in the Iowa National Guard. “If I had the chance to go back, I wouldn’t change anything.”

Mickey enlisted in the Iowa Army National Guard (IANG) on October 11, 1992, and retired in 2016 after a family tragedy that needed him back home. During that time, he transitioned to Army active duty and returned for a short break in service. Just before the 9/11 attack on our nation, he rejoined the IANG.

“It was a different time then,” said Mickey. “I was a member of one of the first units assigned out of state but stayed in the US, and other units were headed overseas.”

Mickey was a unit supply specialist/unit armorer for his entire career, working to stock supplies and maintain firearms for the units.

“I enlisted because of my grandfather, said Mickey. “He was part of World War II, part of D-Day on Omaha Beach. I admired that.”
Omaha Beach was the code name for one of the five sectors of the Allied invasion of German-occupied France in the Normandy landings during World War II on June 6, 1944.

“My grandfather was my hero, and luckily I got to see a lot of stuff he was involved with during World War II,” said Mickey. “Now I’ve gotten the privilege to pass that on to my family. Recently my daughter was learning about World War II in school, and I could share that history with her. Then maybe she’ll share it with other kids, and maybe they will go in that direction and join the service.”

Mickey says he appreciates the recognition from Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “There are not many companies out there that do this,” said Mickey. “It’s a very big privilege for me to work for somebody who recognizes us. There are a lot of places out there that don’t realize the number of sacrifices a soldier and their family make. A company like Iowa Select recognizing that makes it worth coming to work every day.”

Mickey has been with us since 2016 and works at Cartwright Sow Farm. He is one of 23 employees and contractors recognized with the SelectCare Excellence Award for their sacrifice in protecting our nation’s freedom.

Thank you, Mickey, for your service to our country.