Veteran Spotlight on Terry Gilbert

posted on Friday, June 3, 2022

Terry Gilbert
“It was a great honor to serve my country,” said Terry Gilbert, a veteran and Iowa Select Farms employee. “I went in there to learn and, at the same time, to do the job the best I could for all the people at home.”

Next up in this special series honoring our employee and contractor veterans as our Q4 SelectCare Excellence award recipients, we spotlight Terry, one of our animal caretakers. He joined the Army in 1980 and served in various roles during his 23 years of service.

“I worked everything from dry storage to finance, and I retired as a Staff Sergeant,” said Terry. “I’ve been through Operations Enduring Freedom, Desert Storm and Desert Shield. They took me to Honduras, Puerto Rico, Korea and Bosnia.”

Terry’s involvement in the military comes from pride in serving his country and a long line of family tradition.

“My dad retired after being in the Marine Corps for nine years. I have a little brother in the Navy, and he’s been there 20 years. I have a brother who spent three years serving out in California. My family has pretty well covered everything,” he explained proudly.

After his time in the military, Terry joined the Iowa Select Farms team in 2015. He is currently a sow caretaker at Jernquist sow farm. He was proud to be recognized through the My Veteran Hero Program.

“All companies should be doing stuff like this,” said Terry. “It makes me prouder than ever to work for this company.”

Terry, we can’t thank you enough for your service to our nation, but we are honored to recognize your sacrifice to preserve our nation’s freedom. We are so grateful for your service.