Veteran Spotlight on Wes McDonald

posted on Friday, June 3, 2022

Wes McDonald
Our next employee veteran spotlight features Wes McDonald, who served in the Iowa Army National Guard for seven years.

“I served from 2006 to 2013 for the Army Guard,” Wes said. “I did one year of deployment in Iraq and one year of deployment in Afghanistan. We looked for bombs and cleared roadside bombs over there.”

Wes has always seen serving his country as something important, and when he enlisted, something just felt right. During his time in the Army as a 12b Combat Engineer, he traveled all over the country and the world. He saw other countries, including Ireland and Germany. Even though it required sacrifice, he considered his time in the military to be a positive one.

Wes works at Davis GDU as an AI specialist and has been an Iowa Select Farms employee since 2017. He was surprised and grateful to be part of the My Veteran Hero program.

“It means a lot that the company I work for recognizes our service; we don’t get that much anymore, said Wes. “We don’t need a lot of that because most of us just like to come back and blend into the woodwork; we are just regular people, but it is nice to get some recognition every once in a while and know that people still know you exist and want to do a little something to appreciate what you did for them.”

Although Wes doesn’t seek out the spotlight in recognition for his bravery and sacrifice, to us, he’s a hero. Wes, thank you for your service to our nation. We can never fully repay you for all you’ve done to protect our nation’s freedom, but we hope this is a start.