Wayne Co. SCICAP-Corydon

posted on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

“In the summer it’s especially hard to keep our shelves stocked,” said JoAnne Vandyne, director of Southern Central Iowa Community Action Program (SCICAP) in Wayne County. “We get an excess of canned goods and cereals it seems, but meat like this… never. We have to buy everything out of pocket which can get really expensive, really fast.”

Located in Corydon, the Wayne Co. SCICAP serves more than 20 low-income and food insecure families every month. “Although the number of families that we serve is not incredibly high, they are large families so we’re feeding 75 people or more every month,” explained Joanne. “We distribute loins based on household size in an effort to make them stretch as much as possible.”

In addition to going directly to local families in need, the loins donated today will also be benefiting families in the Seymour area that are still recovering from the aftermath of a disastrous tornado earlier this year.

“There was a lot of damage to the small communities and some families were even misplaced for short periods of time while their homes were being repaired and replaced,” explained JoAnne. “We’ve assembled a team to provide support to the families in need and are trying to help them out as much as possible during this trying time.”

If some of the faces that you’re seeing in the photos from today’s journey look familiar – you’re right! Our crew that is helping Haul Out Hunger today is made up of four members of the locally based Wayne Co. FFA Chapter.

“Our chapter does a lot to help out the community like cleaning out the fairgrounds in the summer, picking up trash along the highways and taking meals out to farmers during harvest,” said Amber Kelly, a sophomore student at Wayne Community High School. “So when our advisor told us about this opportunity to join the Haul Out Hunger team for the day, we knew right away we wanted to help.”

Thanks to Amber, Lauren Terrell, Addi Fry and Caleb Pounds for their help today as we Haul Out Hunger in southern Iowa!