We Are Downright Humbled

posted on Saturday, March 11, 2017

We are downright humbled that over 1,000 people came to yesterday’s open house at our new sow farm located near the small towns of Derby and Humeston, Iowa. We were even more excited that our guests were equally as enthusiastic about pork production as we were! Our 25 tour guides kept busy leading small groups through the farrowing, pen gestation and breeding barns, into the filter banks and through boot rooms, meeting spaces, kitchens and breakrooms.

Special thanks to Lt. Go...v. Kim Reynolds and Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey for sharing this special day with us, along with vendors, suppliers, Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation supporters, community leaders, FFA chapters, lenders, neighbors, media and employees of Iowa Select Farms, many of whom traveled down from northern Iowa to take part in the big day.

In addition to creating 17 new full-time jobs, this 6,200 head sow farm is a positive pressure filtration farm—a biosecurity technology that will result in better herd health and overall productivity. To add to the excitement, the farm is also equipped to host customer and industry tours, allowing guests the chance to see how our caretakers raise pigs with a tremendous attention to detail, care and dedication.

And speaking of our people, in this album you’ll see photos of many of our employees holding signs that say #billionplus, because we were proud—and some would say downright giddy—to be involved in a project that signifies growth, innovation and the exciting future of Iowa Select Farms.

Our production goal for 2017 is to produce one billion, 57 million pounds of pork, and the “plus” captures the passion we have for agriculture and signifies our commitment to going beyond in caring for our animals, our people, our environment and our communities.

Thank you to all of the members of our team who contributed to this very special day—it true Iowa Select Farms fashion we didn’t even need to ask for help, everyone showed up in force, jumped right in and made this day an unbelievably outstanding #billionplus kind of day.