We Can---We Will!

posted on Tuesday, February 2, 2021

We Can and We Will
A passionate message of resiliency and perseverance was consistent through all of the contributors to the recent Iowa Select Farms production management meeting—the big kick-off for the 2021 year—this year, virtually.

While we missed seeing each other, our 225 production managers and leaders rocked the five hours of presentations and breakout sessions, infused with fun polls, recognition videos, unique theme songs and a showering of good news worth celebrating and reflecting on as team.

The biggest treat was hearing from over 25 managers and supervisors in the gene transfer center, multiplication, gilt developer, sow and finishing production breakouts on how they overcome adversity on their farms and in their areas, especially through some of the toughest financial, herd health and production challenges US pork producers have faced in years.

And of course, keynote speaker Timothy Alexander with Growing Leaders brought home a message on the founding principles of resiliency. He sums it up well by remind us all, “we don’t need it to be easy, we just need it to be possible.”

Big thank you to our all of our leaders and managers for bringing their A games, to those who led the breakout groups and for everyone for their enthusiasm for the 2021 rally cry of We Can-We Will.

.We Can-We Will Perservere