Webster City Day Care Center Grateful for Little Farmer Toy Box Donation

posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2022

"Webster City Day Care Center takes amazing care of my daughter," said Adilenne Vianey Cruz Rios, an employee with Iowa Select Farms who nominated her day care for a Henry's Heroes Little Farmer Toy Box. "They really care about the well-being of the kids in our community, and I am thankful that my employer wanted to recognize something that means so much to my family and me. Without the caregivers at Webster City Day Care, I would not be able to offer economic stability for my family."

The day care team at Webster City Day Care received a Henry's Heroes Little Farmer Toy Box from the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation and Iowa Select Farms. It was a small gesture to say "thank you" for their essential role in keeping communities strong.

Hillary-who took over the day care in recent months-said that the last seven months have not been easy.Awesome Smile

"The center, staff and most importantly, the children were in awe today because of Iowa Select Farms and Deb and Jeff Hansen's generosity," said Hillary. "You can imagine the expressions on the faces of our 3- and 4-year-olds when they saw new toys, especially the beautiful John Deere tractors. We want to say thank you for providing another brick in our road to success."

Hillary said the donation will allow them to focus on the long list of items they need to purchase to reach the next level on the quality child care rating system through the state of Iowa.

"This donation will have a long-lasting impact as it will let us relocate funds for things we would not have been able to otherwise purchase," said Hillary.

Webster City Daycare received multiple nominations, and Hillary said she was humbled by and grateful for the number of people who recognized the center.

"We have many farms throughout Hamilton County and over 100 employees who live and work throughout the area," said Ali Kraber, public affairs director for Iowa Select Farms. "We're unbelievably appreciative of the caregivers who support our families. We're here to uplift them, help offset a few costs through this toy box and simply show our appreciation."