Wee Wildcat Day Care in Schaller Excited to Play with Little Farmer Toy Box

posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Wee Wildcats Day Care“As we have walked into everyday care, a common theme we hear is just how understanding the day care providers are of farming schedules,” said Ali Kraber, a representative for the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “Farming is not 9-5, so to be able to rely on day care providers to be there when it is needed is so vital to our way of life. We are grateful for the immense care of our providers in our rural communities as well as the dedication of their lives to do that work.”

We delivered a Little Farmer Toy Box to Wee Wildcat Day Care in Schaller. The kiddos were so excited to see a bunch of new toys arrive in their room, and we were so excited to give back to day care that has been vital to the farming community in Schaller and the surrounding area.

“We rarely, if ever, get a bunch of new toys like this,” said Jackie, Director of Wee Wild Cat Day Care. “We will get one offs of little things to help keep up with the needs of the day care, but a whole bunch of new toys just never happens. We know Iowa Select Farms cares for the employees, but to go the extra mile and give back to the services in the communities that thier employees use, just shows how much this company cares about the communities they farm in.”

Tim McGuire, an employee of Iowa Select Farms, nominated Wee Wildcat Day Care where his grandson attends. Schaller and the surrounding communities have a strong farming background of generational farms. A Little Farmer Toy Box is perfectly fitting and very helpful to a day care like Wee Wildcat.

“Most of the kids are either farm kids or are related to farming in some way in our community,” said Tim. “The day care, like many businesses, has overcome some challenges over the past couple years. It’s fitting to help out day cares at a time like this to not only help with a donation but share just the importance they have in our rural communities.”