We're a big family here

posted on Monday, May 23, 2016

“I enjoy spending a lot of time with the animals and working closely with them,” said Lindsay, who admits she couldn’t ask for a better job. “I just love working with the pigs, they are amazing animals. To get paid to do something you love? I can’t ask for anything better.”

Lindsay, the breed lead at Sow 23 started in farrowing but found that breeding is her preference, where there is heavy focus on breed timing and technique, along with monitoring and providing great care to the gestating sow…before an anticipated 14.6 total born come into play over on the farrowing side.

“Lindsay is so detail-oriented and very observant, said Mary. “She’s very compassionate, especially when it comes to looking at the animals and assessing their health and body condition. She knows every sow like the back of her hand and I appreciate having a second set of eyes on the animals. It’s not uncommon for Lindsay to bring me a list of animals in need of a second look or another opinion and I really appreciate that. She cares tremendously.”

Outside of working directly with the animals, Lindsay says there are two things she really appreciates. “I see and feel the extra support we get from senior leadership,” said Lindsay. “They come to the farm and are there to help us get better, we like the support and encouragement from Dan and our veterinarian, Katie.”

“Second, we’re like a big family here,” said Lindsay. “We have little tiffs like a family, celebrate like a family and come together like a family. We know each other well—almost to a fault—and we push each other to do better.” ‪#‎billionpounds‬