West Fork Food Pantry In Sheffield Receives National Ag Day Delivery

posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2022

West Fork
Our National Ag Day pork loin deliveries continue as we are at the West Fork Food Pantry in Sheffield. Sheffield is home to Iowa’s very own Sukup Manufacturing Co. Sukup makes grain bins of all sizes to hold corn and soybeans, two of Iowa’s main field crops. Our pigs consume a ton, or should we say way more than a ton, of corn every year. The actual amount: over 55 million bushels of corn. We are so lucky to raise pigs in a state that is so rich in its corn production.

Pastor Kim Wills is dedicated to helping people in the community through her work at the West Fork Community Food Pantry. This past summer, they were able to move into a larger location giving them the room to help even more people.
West Fork Action