What's Your Plus?

posted on Sunday, January 1, 2017

On this first day of 2017 we welcome a new year, a fresh start and a brand new journey for Iowa Select Farms. As this business goes, the count of pounds of pork sold to our customer rolls back to a zero, and so it starts all over again.

People and businesses across the globe count on our supply of quality pork for their small town cafes, mom and pop groceries, retail chain stores, white table cloth eateries, pizzarias, fast food restaurants, hospital cafeterias and school fo...odservice programs, and our job is to fill that need. Pork continues its reign as the most widely eaten meat across the globe, and we’re proud to be farmers who care for animals that feed a hungry world.

Our employees keep asking, “What’s the new goal, what’s our number to hit?” And the answer is—we have to do it all over again, but better. We have to produce one billion pounds of pork in 365 days. But this year we’re going to be a better version of our former selves. We’re going to find more ways to appreciate our employees and contractors, remodel and upgrade more farms to keep diseases out, provide more training opportunities for our caretakers, find more efficient ways to do processes and continue on our incredible effort to improve our health. If we do all of these things, we’ll hit one billion pounds of pork, plus some.

This year our employees and contractors will share their “Plus” stories, reflecting on their individual and team efforts to execute on their job responsibilities, plus the extra effort to improve themselves and teams, push through adversity and make a difference.

We’re also committed to being transparent and will continue to share our story Facebook, so hang in there with us as we wrap up our 2016 highlights and bust into 2017 in a big, #billionplus way!