Women in Ag-Flor

posted on Monday, April 4, 2022

Flor working in the barn
We’re still celebrating #WomenInAg day over her at Iowa Select Farms. Why not? We proudly employ 384 women (and growing!).

Let’s spotlight Flor, the assistant farrowing manager at Thorsen Sow Farm. She cares deeply, she helps everyone around her, and loves—loves—caring for pigs.

Flor’s from Mexico and touches on a relevant subject right now—food security. She says agriculture drives the development of a country, and the work we do right here in Iowa is a crucial source of the world’s food supply.

She also says caring for pigs makes her feel peaceful. “Nothing is boring about farming. In reality, it’s peaceful in that it brings stability and balance to the community.”

Flor says she’s grateful she’s been introduced to a peaceful lifestyle and a community full of good-hearted people willing to help each other out.

If you can’t tell, Flor loves pigs. “Growing up, I never imagined I’d be involved in agriculture. This has been an incredible learning journey full of new experiences and challenges. I’ve developed an incredible respect for pig farming, and seeing first-hand what we do to bring quality food to tables motivates me to give my best every day—both to offer a good product and to repay the piggies for everything they provide us.” #WomenInAg #Riceville