Wood GDU

posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Wood GDU Team
With great pleasure, we congratulate Bryce and the Wood gilt developer team for being recognized as the most improved team for Q4 of 2022. Wood GDU, located near Emmetsburg, has been a dynamic force over the past 18 months. Their ability to adjust frequently to fill the needs of the sow farms has been impressive.

Bryce Padgett, the farm's manager, has been a calm and steady presence. "Our team is in a good place. We come to work ready to do our best and help each other."

Jeremiah, the director of gilt development, said Bryce and the team give excellent daily pig care. They follow biosecurity protocols "to the letter" and go above and beyond to keep the farm and office neat, clean, and organized.

Production well-being specialist Tif Schnitker has noticed that the team is always eager to learn and improve. "They always ask questions and seek feedback on their methods and ideas. Unsurprisingly, they are being recognized for their hard work and perseverance!"

Katie Coleman, the farm's veterinarian, visits Wood to review herd health, walk the barns, pull samples, and visit with the team. "The Wood crew is a joy to work with, and their work ethic and farm culture are contagious. I am excited to help and see the results of their hard work."

Raul Romero, the gilt development supervisor, is impressed with Bryce and his team's willingness to try new ideas and ask for feedback. "This team does an excellent job of thinking things through and modifying their approach to get better results."

Once again, we congratulate Bryce Padgett, Destiny Akridge, Rosa Barredo Hernandez, Yoseline Del Muro Perez, Mark Fogarty, Taylor Fogarty, and Ryan Paczkowski for their hard work and effort.