Wright County UDO

posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2016

In Eagle Grove, the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation ventured to the Wright County UDO to deliver 12 cases of pork loins for the 400 families the pantry serves each month. We were warmly welcomed by pantry coordinator, Alyssa, when we arrived and she filled us in on all the wonderful services and resources the UDO provides for the county.

“Our pantry is stocked with food, hygiene products, toys and we even have a back-to-school area,” said Alyssa. “So once a month, families can come in and get six food items and once every three months they are able to get meat.”

The pantry is well stocked from all of the community support and donations that come in. And with all the toys donated, Alyssa is able to offer a special birthday treat for kids during their birthday month.
“During the month of their birthday, kids can come and in and pick whatever toy they want. It gives them a little something extra that’s special to their birthday and they really enjoy it,” said Alyssa.

With all these great items and resources available to area families in need, the pantry becomes quite busy.

“We’ve already had 12 families in today and we’ve only been open an hour and a half,” said Alyssa. Serving as the pantry coordinator since last August, Alyssa keeps busy making sure families in her community are fed and provided with the things they need.