Wright Team Named Most Improved in Q2

posted on Monday, February 7, 2022

Wright Team“From farrowing to breeding, providing great animal care to our pigs is at the top of our to-do list every single day,” said Rogelio, manager of Wright sow farm. “We have worked extremely hard to get ourselves to a top ten farm and continually seeing us move up in the rankings feels good, but it’s the changes we’ve made towards the best animal care possible that got us here.”

Congratulations to Rogelio, Denia, Luis, Jazmin, Erik, Leticia, Carlos, Angeles, Jairo, Daniela, Itzer and Diana on being named the most improved sow farm in the second quarter of 2021.

“In farrowing, we understand how critical our role is in pig care, from day one to weaning. Everyone comes ready to work to provide the best care we can,” said Denia, the farm’s farrowing department head. “We have great communication with each other, across all departments, and work really well as a team.”

Denia and Luis, the breeding department head, work closely with Rogelio to keep the farm moving smoothly and helping out where they can, including training new employees and continual training of existing employees to take on more responsibility. “We know we continue to be a stronger farm the more we learn and teach each other,” said Luis. “Every day is learning experience and we are growing together as a team.”

“The Wright team continues to make great strides in their production results because of their improved pig care, and it has been particularly fun watching them develop from a farm that was battling PRRS to a farm landing in the top ten rankings quarter after quarter,” said Mark, the farm’s supervisor.

Facing many challenges as a farm, including another devastating PRRS break, the team at Wright persevered and conquered the battle to a healthy herd. Wearing smiles while talking about it, they were noticeably proud of themselves for beating the break, as it can be challenging, both emotionally and physically. After getting rid of PRRS, Wright was able to focus back in on the smaller details within day one pig care, breeding and especially BeastMode biosecurity to stay healthy.

Fortunately for this group, they have been working together for well over a year with minimal staff changes. Wright has developed a flow as a team that continues their improvement daily but can also be seen in their quarterly SelectPride rankings. In Q2, not only were they most improved, but they also took tenth place. They also moved up two spots in Q3, jumping into eighth place and Rogelio says they won’t stop there. “It feels good to continue to move up in the SelectPride rankings as we’ve found a groove as a team,” he said. “I know we can continue to get better, and I have high hopes to make the top five within the next few quarters.”

We are looking forward to continuing to watch you improve. Keep up the great work, Wright!