Caring for Our Communities

While we stay focused on the goal of producing one billion pounds of safe and nutritious pork for the U.S. and global food supply, we also remain dedicated to doing the right thing to help others, especially in our communities and the state of Iowa.

Jeff and Deb Hansen—owners of Iowa Select Farms—have established a long tradition of charitable giving and are major benefactors of Iowa State University, Hansen Family Hospital in Iowa Falls, Blank Children’s Hospital and Children’s Cancer Connection in Des Moines.

In 2006, their dedication to philanthropy grew through their establishment of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. The Foundation’s three core missions are to relieve hunger, support military families and strengthen efforts to find a cure for childhood cancer while improving the quality of life for cancer patients. Through various programs and efforts, the Foundation has made a difference to thousands upon thousands of deserving Iowans, addressing the issues of:

Alleviating hunger in Iowa through launching of the PowerSnack™ program for over 8,500 children, as well as donating over four million servings of nutrient-rich pork to food pantries and community shelves across Iowa.

Showing gratitude to members of the Armed Services through the Hams for Heroes and Pork Care Package Programs as well as other essentials to Iowa Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen and their families.

Combating childhood cancer and improving the lives of children and families with cancer by contributing to the expansion of the Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at Blank Children’s Hospital and founding Children’s Cancer Connection’s Hansen Home for Hope.

Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation works to give back to the communities where we have employees, contractors and farms, and has established programs that make Iowa stronger.

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