Employee Stories

  • Meet Cody!

    Meet Cody!

    “I learned a lot in those four years,” said Cody. “From selfless service and following through with your commitments, the military taught me a lot about succeeding in any career and life.”

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  • Meet Lynn!

    Meet Lynn!

    "Three years later, Lynn has settled in the small town of Manson and is our Director of Wean-Finish Health."

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  • Meet Trent!

    Meet Trent!

    “When you put everything we do down on paper it seems like a lot, but it's a really fun job.”

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  • Meet Myles!

    Meet Myles!

    “I get to travel across the countryside and still be a part of agriculture, and that feels good.”

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  • Meet Madeline!

    Meet Madeline!

    “It's fascinating, and I'm excited for where this will take me.”

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  • Meet Raul!

    Meet Raul!

    “I'm a professional swine farm manager and I'm from Mexico"

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  • Meet Jordan!

    Meet Jordan!

    "He's a fifth generation farmer who recently added pig care to his responsibilities."

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  • Meet Morgan!

    Meet Morgan!

    "Now a newborn pig specialist at Smyrna Sow Farm, she says “picking the babies up and loving on them” is her favorite part of the job."

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