Communities Grow, Thanks to Livestock

posted on Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Smyrna Sow Farm $4,700,000 annual economic impact

Adrian’s Finisher $403,000 annual economic impact

Hog Heaven Finisher $403,000 annual economic impact

$5,506,000 added economic impact to the state of Iowa

New opportunities

Each new sow farm creates 18 new jobs in rural Iowa

Dr. Dermot Hayes, ISU Economist, says Smyrna sow farm will generate a $4.7 million economic impact to Iowa every year. That impact begins with $700,000 in payroll, then factors in the added corn and soybean consumption and the new business Iowa Select Farms will do with local utilities and services providers.

Community growth

Livestock growth keeps families living and working in rural Iowa

A sow farm is a “living and breathing business,” which means it needs nurturing 24/7 through usage of energy, Internet, feed and trucking. It also captures the indirect impact of what those 18 people and their families mean to local restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and main street businesses.

So many new jobs

Iowa Select Farms directly and indirectly will employ 10,961 people by 2019.

While finishing farms have less economic impact compared to the larger high tech, sophisticated breeding and farrowing farms, the impact to farm families like the Vansice’s and Hatlen’s is significant.

New jobs for young farmers

Iowa Select Farms provides a primary income for 750 young farmers.

Dr. Hayes says one, 4,800 finisher will generate $403,000 in annual economic impact, factoring in the farm incomes, local business support, value of manure and increase consumption of local corn and soybeans.

“Livestock growth is a viable way to save rural areas,” Hayes said. Studies show that counties with a high dependence on agriculture grew more slowly than others, but those where livestock production increased fared better.” 

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