Meet Cody!

Growing up in Dumont, Cody always knew his future career would somehow be tied to agriculture. “My Grandpa, Dad and uncles ran the elevator in Bristow along with a trucking business,” he said. “Farming definitely fueled our small town.”


Before his roots grew too deep, Cody knew he wanted to serve his country. After graduating from Hampton-Dumont High School, Cody joined the Army and shortly thereafter found himself in Fort Benning, Georgia, for basic training. Fast forward four years and Cody had moved twice and been on four deployments to Afghanistan.

“I learned a lot in those four years,” said Cody. “From selfless service and following through with your commitments, the military taught me a lot about succeeding in any career and life.”

Upon returning home, Cody worked for a local cooperative as a custom applicator. To earn additional income on the side, he started taking care of the pigs on two Iowa Select Farms finishing farms. After six months, he was hooked.