Meet Morgan!

Morgan grew up on a farm near Albia. Her love for livestock grew from being surrounded by friends, family and neighbors who cared for livestock. She, too, wanted to have that kind of involvement, so she attended Iowa State University to study animal science. She applied with Iowa Select Farms her senior year.

morganNow a newborn pig specialist at Smyrna Sow Farm, she says “picking the babies up and loving on them” is her favorite part of the job. Morgan plays a big role on the farm, helping push the survival rate of newborn piglets higher by being at the ready to get them warm, dry and suckling colostrum.

Morgan says she feels proud that she has an important purpose on the farm, and when she’s out and about, she feels equally proud to help feed people. “When I go to the grocery store or a restaurant and see pork, it makes me feel good,” she said. “Being able to connect the work we do on the farm with the families who buy and eat pork is rewarding to me.”