Our Commitment to Environmental Care

Our farms are the brick and mortar of our business, which is why we take responsibility in maintaining our farms and treating them with respect. We believe in being good neighbors and work hard to protect our environment and serve as industry leaders in land stewardship.

In fact, protecting the environment is one of the four pillars upon which the Iowa Select Farms’ SelectCare business culture is built and has been since the beginning. We’re proud to be a sustainable food system by providing neighboring farmers with manure to replenish their soil’s fertility. Full of essential crop nutrients such as Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus, manure brings pork production full circle by feeding the crops that feed the pigs, a tremendous story to tell.

Our Environmental Services Team oversees all nutrient management and regulatory compliance, and initiates proactive environmental stewardship efforts. And technology plays a huge role in their everyday lives. 

Geographical Information System (GIS) software allows our team the ability to view all 700 production sites and the neighboring fields receiving the nutrients. Every parcel of ground is mapped into the system including creeks, building sites, terraces or tile outlets. Aerial imagery is used as the base maps and layers are then added for contours, county tile lines, flood area, water sources and cemeteries. GIS technology ensures manure is applied responsibly and in compliance with all state regulations.

Click here for information about our Environmental Services Department and our commitment to environmental stewardship.

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